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Tutor and Teacher

I am completing my MA in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Calgary. In 2016 I completed my BA with Honours in English Literature with a concentration in creative writing. My blog is regularly updated with new writing and links to published pieces.

Freelance Work

A regular writer for Grip Magazine and Flurt! Magazine, My writing has appeared in Calgary Senior News, and the Edmonton Women's Magazine. Well-versed in journalism, technical writing, and social media engagement, I am available for virtually all freelance requests.

I am a developmental aide and respite worker for children, teens, and adults with autism, and volunteer with adults with developmental disabilities, guiding them in reading and writing. I tutor English and writing, and lead workshops on writing and the writing process. 

Writer, Poet, Blogger

Upcoming Events and Workshops

Feb 20, 2017: Feature Poet at the Single Onion Open Mic

Mar 5, 2017: Guest Speaker at the Tent Peg reading series

March 10-12th: Presenting “As Blank as a Burnt Book: Writing Hungry” at the U of C’s Free Exchange conference



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