YouthInk: Carbamezepine Dreams (2009) —Canada
Isabel Miller Young Writers Award: Elegy to Wilde, Critique (2010) —Canada
The Dingbat Poets Channel by Sheri D Wilson: Coffee Stains (Video Poem, 2011) —Canada
The Gauntlet: Snapshots of 17 (2013) —Canada
WAX Poetry and Art Magazine: Boa Constrictor ( 1st Place in Contest 2013) —Canada
Young Alberta Writers E-Zine: With/Without: A Poetic Collaboration between my Uncle and I, eighteen years after his death (Poems, Essay, 2013) —Canada
The Snapping Twig: Skin, Cresol, Fifteen (December 2014)— USA
NoD Magazine:“Teşekkürler” and “{iii}” (Poems 2014) —Canada
The Birds We Piled Loosely: Constant, Spring, Mariam (January 2015)—USA
Fry Your Friends: Have You Noticed Yet? (February 2015)—UK
Clockwise Cat: Femmewise Cat: Dissolving, Some of Us (January 2015) —USA
The Boiler Review: Charlotte, Cling (March 2015)—USA
After the Pause: Still the Girl he Married, Skin Signs (Spring 2015)—USA
Eleventh Transmission: Wrists, Fibre Glass ( May 2015)—Canada
The Murmur House: Lion (2015) —Indonesia
The Ignatian Literary Magazine: Poor Sister Nazarene (2015)—USA
(Parenthetical): Panic (2015)— Canada
Untethered: Lungs (2015) — Canada
Flurt!: Bikini Body (Hybrid Poetry Essay)
Weekly Poem: Leaving (2015) —Canada
s/tick: Drop, Rebecca, Dead Birth (2015)—Canada 
NoD Magazine: Clatter, Vermeer’s Light (2015)—Canada
Sharkpack Poetry Review: Sirenomelia ( 2015)—USA
Human Parts: This Shining Fever (2015)
Petal Journal: Tricks, The Falling Sickness (2016) 
Existere: Dear Julia (2015)—Toronto
Best of After the Pause (2016): Skin Signs
Qwerty Magazine: Panic


The InkSwell Collective Zine: 3 Articles, 2014
Flurt! Magazine (Online and Print): 20 Articles (December 2014-Present) —Canada/USA
Calgary Senior News: The Sickening Sea (Article 2015) —Canada
YAKnow Newsletter: The Art of Success (Article-2014) —Canada
Grip Magazine: 7 articles 2014-15) —Canada
Calgary Senior News: 4 articles (2015)—Canada
Edmonton Senior News: “Elderly, Male, Anorexic (Article)
Edmonton Women’s Magazine: 2 Articles (Spring 2015) —Canada


Isabel Miller Young Writers Award: Elegy to Wilde, Critique (Poems-2010) —Canada

WAX Poetry and Art Magazine: Boa Constrictor (Poem- 1st Place in Contest 2013) —Canada

Debra Lewington Memorial Bursaries, 2015 | $1030.00
Recipient of the Jason Lang Memorial Scholarship for outstanding academic achievement, 2015 | $1000.00
Student Peer Assistance Bursary, 2013, 2014, 2015 | $1200.00, $1350.00, $850.00
Shortlisted for the Banff Mountain Writing and Wilderness Program, 2015
Sheep Creek Arts Council Scholarship, 2014 | $500.00 (A Community Group in Turner Valley, Alberta created a scholarship for me in 2014 after seeing my work and wanting to help fund my education)
Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, 2012 | $1900.00

Academic Achievements 

Panelist and paper presenter at the University of Calgary Honours Symposium, “Objects in Mirror” – March 2016

Paper and Creative Work: “The Night Will be Long but Beautiful: The Life and Death of Jeff Lakes”
Panel: “Portraiture: Writing the Family and the Self”

Panelist and paper presenter at MacEwan University’s Sixth Annual Undergraduate Conference, Reading Identity: Affect/ Effect

Paper and Creative Work: “Birth: Projections of a Glass Womb, Reading and Writing the Female Body through Anaïs Nin”

Poster presentation, University of Calgary Undergraduate Research Symposium – November 2015

Poster: “The ‘Dear Invalid’ and the ‘Old Spinster’: What Vanity Fair’s Tells us about Disability and Female Agency”

Panelist and paper presenter at the Quebec English Undergraduate Conference (QUEUC) – February 2015

Panel: “Women, Period: Language and Feminine Identity”
Paper: “The ‘Dear Invalid’ and ‘The Old Spinster:’ Vanity Fair’s Miss  Crawley in Context”

Undergraduate advisor in the Adjudication Process for the 2015 University of Calgary Teaching Awards

Undergraduate advisor for a panel discussing a new course in the University of Calgary English Department: “Civic and Community Engagement through Literature: with Dr. Susan Bennett and Dr. Stefania Forlini (Fall 2014)

Managing Editor, NoD Magazine (September 2015-Present)

Co-editor of two chapbooks in the University of Calgary English Department: ENGL 366, ENGL 494 (April 2015)

Undergraduate advisor for a small panel discussing the use of social media in the classroom with Dr. Karen Bourrier in the University of Calgary (January 2015)

Participated in a serial reading project with Dr. Karen Bourrier concerning Thackeray’s Vanity Fair: https://earlyvictorianliterature.wordpress.com/author/erinemilyann/ (Fall 2014)

Participated in Digitization Project with Dr. Jason Weins: Digitizing the Canadian Archive: http://omeka.ucalgary.ca/document/29 (Winter 2015)