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Erin Emily ann Vance




Blindman Brewing Winter Stories: "The Fabulous Madame Briscoe Sees Snow for the First Time"

Grain Magazine 46.4: "No One Believes You Except for the Dead" 

The Short Édition Short Story Dispenser: "Happy Hour," "The Emporium of Dead and Broken Things," "A Half-Life," "Illustration and Dissection"

  • Available at the Calgary Central Library and online until December 31, 2019

​Honey and Lime: "Twelve Weeks and the Virgin Mary Cries for Me"

​Burning House Press: "Quiet Wife"

The Anti-Languorous Project, Blog:  "Twelve Weeks and the Virgin Mary Cries for Me" 

  • winner of the December flash contest



NŌD Magazine: "Soft Tissue, Bone Tissue"

Wyrd & Wyse (Defunct): "Little Sister"

The Anti-Languorous Project, Blog:  "Crepuscular Time" 

  • winner of the October flash contest

The Anti-Languorous Project, Blog:  "A Half-Life" 

  • winner of the September flash contest

The Anti-Languorous Project, Blog:  "Happy Hour"

  • winner of the August flash contest



filling station #68: “All the Pretty Bones” 

  • Shortlisted for a 2018 AMPA Showcase Award in Fiction






The Anti-Languorous Project: "Lighthouse Keepers are an Endangered Species," "Woodcutter," "Anticipation"

Blood Orange Tarot: "Slow Birth"  (Seven of Cups) ​


Barren Magazine: "Kilcross" 

Boned, A Collection of Skeletal Writings: "No one is Coming to Save You," "Black Boots," "Devilled Eggs for Midnight Supper," "Ferta, Unsettled, 1959," "The Skin Between Egg and Shell," "Phossy Jaw," "Autopsy," "A History of Touching" 

Poethead: An Index of Women Poets: "Hiraeth," "Confession," "Sister, Speak," "Mirrors," "Needlepoint," "Hatching" 

Freefall Magazine XXIX.2: "Crow Theory"

  • ​Shortlisted for the Freefall Annual Prose and Poetry Contest

Arc Poetry Magazine: "Hagiography of Owls"
EVENT 48.2: "Washerwoman"
Switchback: "Vegetarian Vampires"

Hamilton Arts and Letters: "Root Rot"

Literary Review of Canada: "Interior With Sudden Joy"

Wilde Boy: "Threat"

Augur: "Advice from Granny Moon"

The Selkie: "Birthday", "Conjoined"

Collective Unrest: "Rosemary's Lobotomy" "The Familiar,""A Theory of Anatomies"

Dusie: “Alice Discovers all the Rabbits are Dead"

Canthius: “Female Spirit of the Night,” “Bloodletting”

Bindweed: "Incubator," "Layering"

Collective Unrest: "The Mouth of Lynnhaven"

Train, a poetry journal: "harvest"

​Dodging the Rain: "The Birdwatcher," "Porcelain," "Mademoiselle Sagee," "To Mummify a Tongue"

Literary Orphans: "Eva and the Planchette"

​Dodging the Rain: "Slaughtering Time," "Rheumatic Pain II," "Premonition," "Wild Cat as Pallbearer"

Door is a Jar 9: "Lullaby for Highway 1"



Untethered 4.2: "Probable Specimens from the Western Canadian Museum of Prairie Murder Weapons" 

Train, a poetry journal: "At Sunnyside Station"

Rhythm of the Bones: Dark Marrow: "Another Resurrection" 

Bad Nudes: "Red Bird in Window" 

​Barren Magazine: "The Purported Last Words of Ruth Blay"

Wyrd & Wyse (Defunct): "Leaving Bluebeard," "Witch Going to the Sabbath" 

The Quilliad 10: "This Little Web, This Little World" 

In/Words 18.1: "Her Writhing Fever" 

Wilde Boy: "Boy: An Erasure of Robert Browning's The Laboratory"

Three Drops From a Cauldron: "Bucolic" 

Pussy Magic, All Hallow's Eve: "Breakup Spells 1&2,"  "Moorwitch," "Where Bragg Creek Meets the Elbow River" 

Pussy Magic: "Spell to Finish A Masters Thesis," "Protection Spell for Poetry Readings" 

The Poetry Society of New York, Spilt Milk: "Initiation" 

Talking About Strawberries All of the Time: "Axe Tidings"  

The Anti-Languorous Project, Blog:  "A Half-Life" 

  • winner of the September flash contest

Coffin Bell Journal: "Keep Very Still and Quiet,""Couples Counselling for Ghosts,""Ice Fishing in May"

Barren Magazine: "Dead Leaves" 

  • Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

The Ambrosia Literary Review: "Death Cap in November," "Lac La Biche" 
Vessel Press (Defunct): "You Always Want to Leave," "She is a Wanderer and a Spinner"

Post Ghost Press: "Urban Beekeeping"

Rose Quartz Journal: "Phases of Gone" (visual poetry suite)

Awkward Mermaid: "Crossing the Wires," "Being Alive was the Hard Part" 

The Anti-Languorous Project:, Antilang 2: "Birdbones," "Mistress" 

The Anti-Languorous Project:, Soundbite 1: "Awake in Roscommon" 

Half A Grapefruit: "Flickers," "Missing Persons Report," "The Man in the Bowler Hat, by the Pond Out Back" 

Cauldron Anthology: "Only Death to Me," "Heavy Breather"

The Occulum: "Room" 

The Black Dog Review: "To the Widow Writing to the Inmates at Ponoka," "Crumbs"

Terse Journal: "verum, n." 

Revue Post: "with her legs dangling over the edge of the maidenhead bridge" 

Plentitude: "Evernia Prunastri" 

The /tƐmz/  Review: "Cervinae," "Weeds," "thumb," "the drag of the key in the lock"

  • "the drag of the key in the lock" has been nominated  for the 2018 Best of the Net Anthology

The Warren Review: “Nuptial Flight”
The Anti-Languorous Project, Antilang 1: “Honey Cookery,” “Spring,” “Hymn”

  • "Honey Cookery" has been nominated  for the 2018 Best of the Net Anthology



Human Parts: “Spells to Banish Depression”
Contemporary Verse 2: “Homecoming”
The White Wall Review: “Formicidae,” “Corvus”

Untethered 3.2: “Finnabair”
Petal Journal: “Macha,” “Grace O’Malley.”
NŌD Magazine: “Macroglossum,”(21) “Winterbee”(22)



Existere: “Dear Julia”
Petal Journal: “Tricks,” “The Falling Sickness”
NŌD Magazine 21: “Beta Vulgaris,” “The Conservatory”

  • "Beta Vulgaris" was also selected as part of the 2017 People's Poetry Festival Artist and Poet Pairing (Artist: Nicole Love)

Dual Coast Magazine: "Charlotte" 



The Boiler Review: “Charlotte,” “Cling”
Eleventh Transmission: “Wrists,” “Fibre Glass”
The Murmur House: “Lion”
The Ignatian Literary Magazine: “Poor Sister Nazarene”
(Parenthetical): “Panic”
Untethered 2.1: “Lungs”
s/tick: “Drop,” “Rebecca,” “Dead Birth”
NŌD Magazine 18: “Clatter,” “Vermeer’s Light”
Human Parts: “This Shining Fever”
Qwerty Magazine 34: “Panic”

After the Pause: "Skin Signs, Still the Girl he Married"

Sharkpack Poetry Review: "Sirenomelia"

Clockwise Cat: "Dissolving," "Some of Us"

The Birds We Piled Loosely: "Constant," "Spring," "Mariam"

Fry Your Friends: "Have You Noticed Yet?"

Weekly Poem: "Leaving"



NŌD Magazine 17: “Teşekkürler,” “{iii}”

The Snapping Twig: "Skin," "Cresol," "Fifteen"



The Gauntlet: "Snapshots of 17"
WAX Poetry and Art Magazine: "Boa Constrictor"(1st Place in Autumn Contest)




The Calgary Short Édition:  "Happy Hour," "The Emporium of Dead and Broken Things," "A Half-Life," "Illustration and Dissection" (Fiction, Loft on Eighth Press, 2020)

Grimoire: "Very Small Nude" (Poetry, Coven Editions, 2019)

The War Memory Anthology: "Riley Park, 1917," "A Recipe for Strawberry Pudding" (Poetry, Alexandra Writers Centre Society, 2019)

​You are Not Your Rape: "This Shining Fever" (Poetry, Rhymn & Bones Press, 2018)

Print(ed) Word Catalogue: "The Night Will Be Long But Beautiful" (Alberta Printmakers, 2018)

Long Lunch Quick Reads Anthology: "The Night Will Be Long But Beautiful" (Loft on Eighth Press, 2017)




On Submitting: Article, 2018

Atlas Obscura: Tesco Metro, Belfast, Northern Ireland (2018)

Rejected McSweeney’s Lists: "Proposed Articles That Were Promised a Response but Never Even Got a Follow-Up Email"

FLURT Magazine (Defunct): Numerous Articles (additional copies available in print/PDF edition here and here.)
Calgary Prime Times: "The Sickening Sea"

The Gauntlet: "Bullied"

Gender Focus: "10 Unsung, Real Women to Look Up To"

Unbound Magazine: "7 Smutty Stories for the Adult Harry Potter Fan"

My (Small Press) Writing Day: Article, 2018


I have also written for Grip Magazine, Edmonton and Calgary Senior News, and Edmonton Women's Magazine.


As Editor/Reader


Honey Pot Literary Miscellany
NŌD Magazine: Managing Editor 2015-2016

Awkward Mermaid 2018

Augur Magazine 2019- Present