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Erin Emily ann Vance

​Chapbooks Etc.

Spoiled Milk + Wet Specimen (Leaflet, The Blasted Tree Art Collective & Publishing Co., 2018)

The Night Will be Long But Beautiful: The Life and Death of Jeff Lakes (Chapbook, Loft on Eighth Press, 2016)

​This chapbook was also made into an exquisite art book by printmaker Tim van Wijk in 2017, for the Canada Council funded project, Print(ed) Word with Loft 112 and Alberta Printmakers. 

Fiction and Poetry

  • 2018

Bad Nude: "Red Bird in Window" ​Forthcoming

Hamilton Arts and Letters: "Root Rot" Forthcoming

Half A Grapefruit: "Flickers," "Missing Persons Report," "The Man in the Bowler Hat, by the Pond Out Back" ​Forthcoming

Cauldron Anthology: "Only Death to Me," "Heavy Breather"

Coffin Bell Journal: "Keep Very Still and Quiet," "Couples Counselling for Ghosts," "Ice Fishing in May" Forthcoming

The Ambrosia Literary Review: "Death Cap in November," "Lac La Biche" Forthcoming

The Occulum: "Room" 

The Black Dog Review: "To the Widow Writing to the Inmates at Ponoka," "Crumbs"

​Terse Journal: "verum, n." 

Revue Post: "with her legs dangling over the edge of the maidenhead bridge" 

Plentitude: "Evernia Prunastri" 

The /tƐmz/  Review: "Cevinae," "Weeds," "thumb," "the drag of the key in the lock"

The Warren Review: “Nuptial Flight”
The Anti-Languorous Review: “Honey Cookery,” “Spring,” “Hymn”

  • 2017

Rejected McSweeney’s Lists: "Proposed Articles That Were Promised a Response but Never Even Got a Follow-Up Email"
Human Parts: “Spells to Banish Depression”
Contemporary Verse 2: “Homecoming”
The White Wall Review: “Formicidae,” “Corvus”
Untethered 3.2: “Finnabair”
Petal Journal: “Macha,” “Grace O’Malley.”
NoD Magazine: “Macroglossum,”(21) “Winterbee”(22)

filling station #68: “All the Pretty Bones”(Shortlisted for a 2018 AMPA Showcase Award in Fiction)

  • 2016

Existere: “Dear Julia”
Petal Journal: “Tricks,” “The Falling Sickness”
NoD Magazine 21: “Beta Vulgaris,” “The Conservatory”

Dual Coast Magazine: "Charlotte" 

  • 2015

The Boiler Review: “Charlotte,” “Cling”
Eleventh Transmission: “Wrists,” “Fibre Glass”
The Murmur House: “Lion”
The Ignatian Literary Magazine: “Poor Sister Nazarene”
(Parenthetical): “Panic”
Untethered: “Lungs”
s/tick: “Drop,” “Rebecca,” “Dead Birth”
NoD Magazine 18: “Clatter,” “Vermeer’s Light”
Human Parts: “This Shining Fever”
Qwerty Magazine 34: “Panic”

After the Pause: "Skin Signs, Still the Girl he Married"

Sharkpack Poetry Review: "Sirenomelia"

Clockwise Cat: "Dissolving," "Some of Us"

The Birds We Piled Loosely: "Constant," "Spring," "Mariam"

Fry Your Friends: "Have You Noticed Yet?"

Weekly Poem: "Leaving"

  • 2014

NoD Magazine 17: “Teşekkürler,” “{iii}”

The Snapping Twig: "Skin," "Cresol," "Fifteen"

  • 2013

The Gauntlet: "Snapshots of 17"
WAX Poetry and Art Magazine: "Boa Constrictor"(1st Place in Autumn Contest)


​FLURT Magazine: Numerous Articles (additional copies available in print/PDF edition here and here.)
Calgary Prime Times: "The Sickening Sea"

The Gauntlet: "Bullied"

Gender Focus: "10 Unsung, Real Women to Look Up To"

Unbound Magazine: "7 Smutty Stories for the Adult Harry Potter Fan"

My (Small Press) Writing Day: Article, 2018

I have also written for Grip Magazine, Edmonton and Calgary Senior News, and Edmonton Women's Magazine.


Honey Pot Literary Miscellany
NoD Magazine: Managing Editor 2015-2016